Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pennyrile SRP

Let the PARTY BEGIN, uhm, 'Training', I meant to say let the training begin ...

 How am I going to know if they're late, or not...

candy little ninja?

 Opening speech, I just WOW them

 Ninjetta, winning this game....

I can win this, I know I can

OK, so I cheat, what?

just a little sip, that's all

are they here? how can you tell?

what do you mean I CAN'T TALK

Pay attention, this is important

I said PAY ATTENTION! Capt America

Me, Brother, & Ninjetta

are you guys trying to get me drunk?

I'm not going to jump, trying to take a leak

I don't remember this, what's that patch of blue grass from ....

Kung Foo Panda you've met your match!

HA! You can't beat me!!

QUARTERS!!! I need quarters!

All HAIL the Ninja Gnome

nice view

so, you come here ofter?

My camera crew, drunk again!

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