Saturday, November 3, 2012

ACT TOT Carter Caves

Another ninja training full of shenanigans ... they never get tired of this joke

something seems different

ok, he's definitely not himself

beautiful fall colors

ACT TOT Kenlake

Pictures from the Kenlake trip were found on a camera ..... I'm in need of a new camera crew
The last ride of the fab five

Visiting celebrity Hector Gnome

He helped oversee the class

Another visiting celebrity Kung Fu Panda

our final celebrity Ninjetta, who is working closely with a young blond who, word has it, travels with Hector .... I'm thinking she can do better .... just saying...

Friday, April 6, 2012

ACT ReCert - West Reg .... the end!

                                                               Owensboro TC & DTx
                                     where Billy missed a perfect score by 1 lousey point!!!!

                                                Hopkinsville, home of 'Butter Ninja'

                                                              oh, they're good

                                              MY NINJA'S!!! ABSOLUTLY .......

ACT ReCerts - West Reg cont.

This is just TOOOO close to the Tenn border!

                                       Murray, now that's a fine place!!! Some great Kunoichi!

                                      Rounding up the week at Paducah!

                               And while in Paducah .....

                                              Ninja friends out for a night of fun!

ACT ReCert - Western Region

Bowling Green! Where 'Flatlander' resides

                                               I made 'employee of the month'

                                            Stopped by the Group Home to see Big Joe

                                      A trip to Bowling Green isn't complete till the Ninja's stopped by
                                                         Dave's Motorcycle Bar & Grill

ACT ReCerts - Central Region cont.

Visiting the Newport Kentucky area


Sunrise over GreenRiver!

ACT ReCerts - Central Region

WELCOME TO THE VILLE oh yeah!                     

Northern YDC where one of our favorite ninja's also trains with the
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit