Friday, April 6, 2012

ACT ReCert - West Reg .... the end!

                                                               Owensboro TC & DTx
                                     where Billy missed a perfect score by 1 lousey point!!!!

                                                Hopkinsville, home of 'Butter Ninja'

                                                              oh, they're good

                                              MY NINJA'S!!! ABSOLUTLY .......

ACT ReCerts - West Reg cont.

This is just TOOOO close to the Tenn border!

                                       Murray, now that's a fine place!!! Some great Kunoichi!

                                      Rounding up the week at Paducah!

                               And while in Paducah .....

                                              Ninja friends out for a night of fun!

ACT ReCert - Western Region

Bowling Green! Where 'Flatlander' resides

                                               I made 'employee of the month'

                                            Stopped by the Group Home to see Big Joe

                                      A trip to Bowling Green isn't complete till the Ninja's stopped by
                                                         Dave's Motorcycle Bar & Grill

ACT ReCerts - Central Region cont.

Visiting the Newport Kentucky area


Sunrise over GreenRiver!

ACT ReCerts - Central Region

WELCOME TO THE VILLE oh yeah!                     

Northern YDC where one of our favorite ninja's also trains with the
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit